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Situated in one of Yangon’s top prestigious area , between embassies and restored colonial homes, Padonmar Restaurant is a rare dining experience that successfully combines authentic Myanmar cuisine with upscale surroundings and a diligent service staff. Padonmar Restaurant which means “Lotus Flower” where you get home cooked food just the way you wanted it that is the specialty of Padonmar which is healthy with less oil, strictly NO MSG and Cholesterol free. We have really worked hard to earn all the raving reviews in the Trip Advisor.Our message is “Your stopover in Yangon is incomplete if you not have lunch or dinner at Padonmar Restaurant” Padonmar is located in a large former home that was transformed in 2010 when the restaurant moved in. It features sweeping murals of the Myanmar countryside and traditional artwork adorning four separate dining areas. The staircase to the second floor is lined with photographs of the numerous celebrities, diplomats and statesmen that have sampled the restaurant’s cuisine. Though Myanmar’s formidable monsoon keeps the garden closed for a few months of the year, during the hot season and particularly Yangon’s cooler months it is the restaurant’s most popular dining area. With tables nestled between the well kept hedges of the rolling front lawn, it is easy to see why. Whether sitting indoors or outside, you will find yourself with a menu that provides a fantastic sampling of some of Myanmar’s most recognizable dishes and others from neighboring Thailand. To start, the tempura vegetables are a great option. The crispy, battered vegetables are accompanied by a tangy tamarind dipping sauce that highlights one of the country’s tastiest culinary ingredients. The salad selection is an accessible take on some Myanmar street side staples. The grilled eggplant salad is a delight, boasting fresh ingredients, just a dash of oil and a healthy garnish of sesame seeds to finish. The same attention to detail is given to the wide range of curries, which are a mainstay of Myanmar’s national cuisine. Both the prawn and beef curry are fantastic examples of what the humble, everyday dish can be when prepared with skill. The beef was tender, easily sliced with the side of the fork. The large prawns were equally as delicious, served in a red curry that was flavorful without being overly spicy. A welcome addition to the meal is the coconut rice. Fragrant with just a hint of coconut, the rice is not overly sweet but a fantastic accompaniment to the rich, spicy curries. All are served with a side of spicy pickled vegetables, tiny shrimp for garnishing and dried chili to give dishes an extra kick if needed. The fried banana served with local honey is a simple but satisfying dessert. Padonmar is not trying to be something it isn’t. The dining experience is memorable because of the restaurant’s ability to take quintessential Myanmar dishes and do them well, with high quality ingredients prepared in a hygienic environment and presented attractively. Coupled with its historic setting, attentive service staff and lengthy drink menu, Padonmar is one of the finest examples of Myanmar food done well in an upscale setting.

Cuisine : Burmese cuisine ,Thai Cuisine
Good For : Casual dining,Fine dining,Bar
Price Ranges : $$$$$(>35,000 MMK)
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  • Weekday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Weekend 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM



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105/107, Kha Yae Bin Road, Dagon Tsp, Yangon
11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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